A Functional Approach to Yoga Teacher Training.

Yin yoga is not a trademarked system and no certification is required to teach it, but for those interested in learning the anatomic and energetic theories of the practice we offer a series of courses that culminate with a 500 hour Diploma.

Students are not obligated to enroll in our 500 hour program. We welcome students who only wish to augment their education with some but not all of the curriculum we offer.

Although yin yoga is our emphasis the anatomical principles on which our program is based are a foundation for all styles of yoga.

All students must begin with our 100 hour YYTT 1: Anatomical Foundations.

Once a student has completed our Anatomical Foundations module they are free to enroll in any of our other courses. Students are also encouraged to repeat any of our courses and will receive certificates of completion for each one.

For detailed descriptions of our  courses please look at the Schedule posted below and click on the courses you are interested in.

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