Yin Yoga Book

yin yoga outline of a quiet practiceThe 10th Anniversary Edition of Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice is now published! This new edition is now the text book for all YYTT 2/4 trainings. It brings together in a fresh way the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and Taoism with Hindu yoga practices. Largely rewritten, this new edition includes much more detail about yin yoga practice and greatly expanded presentations of pranayama and meditation practices. It also includes an extensive bibliography and a history of yin and its evolution as part of the larger yoga community.

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Chakra Theory and Meditation, The DVD

Chakra_DVD_Image_Web After more than a year of planning and scripting “Chakra Theory and Meditation” has been released. We have created a DVD we believe will be valuable to those who want to understand what chakras are, how they function and how to meditate upon them. It is a summary of the physical locations, physical functions, emotional functions and mental functions of each chakra. It includes chakra specific meditations as well as general advice about chakra meditation practices. You can order it directly from www.Pranamaya.com
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Anatomy for Yoga, The DVD

AFYDThe “Anatomy for Yoga” DVD was released in January 2004 and has quickly become a staple in teachers training programs across the country. We feel it is the best tool on the market for helping Yoga teachers get a grasp of Anatomy. Twice the length of normal DVDs it is packed with four hours of lectures, demonstrations, and graphics. Anatomical insight is the key to adjusting students, prescribing variations or using props. If you would like to learn how everyone’s unique skeleton determines how they do Yoga poses we highly encourage you to purchase this DVD. You can order it directly from www.Pranamaya.com.
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Yin Yoga, The DVD

YIN1Our friends at Pranamaya have released our latest DVD project “Yin Yoga—the Foundations of a Quiet Practice.” This is a six hour, double DVD set that carefully outlines the how and why of Yin Yoga. The materials on these DVDs will provide you with everything you need to begin practicing Yin Yoga. In addition to the carefully planned classes that teach you how to practice, there are additional lecture materials that explain why Yin Yoga is an essential complement to Yang forms of yoga and a necessary practice for living a balanced life. It is our wish that you find this balance in your own life through these wonderful practices. You can order it directly from www.Pranamaya.com
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